E-Lobby is fully computerised Electronic Lobby operational 24X7 .It is a novel concept which provides virtual banking to provide all the essential banking facilities under one roof even at the odd hours at night. When a common person these days work 9am to 9pm .Our E-Lobby brings a relief to them by providing them services beyond the normal banking hours also through its automated and advance machines like

Automated Teller Machines (ATM's)-To Dispense Cash through ATM cards of customers of all banks

Mega Banker- This machine does not only accept cash deposit but also provides , automatic pass book printing and instant statement of accounts

Coin Dispenser- For dispensing coins to general public to mitigate coin shortage

Cheque Deposit- Machine with a scanner to generate automatic receipts of cheque deposited by customers through this machine. This service provided to the customers makes them tension free by dropping cheques in the drop box even at night.

Loan Kiosk-Hassle free loans where our bank at drop in information reaches to its customer

Information Kiosk-For all kinds of information about our bank and its bank products

Internet Banking Kiosk- Customer can use internet banking facility even at night

Phone Banking- Dedicated Call centre operational 24x7