We provide housing loan for residential purpose covering construction, addition, purchase, takeover and renovation of house property, building etc. Finance for purchase of land is only permissible in case the purchase is for residential use and is constructed within one year.


  1. Salaried: 21-60 years (Confirmed Service)
    Note: In case of above 60 year if the borrower furnishes the undertaking from employer regarding age of retirement. The age limit may be increased.
  2. Self Employed: 21-65 years (Minimum two years Business)
  3. Co-op/ Group Housing Societies (approved by bank)


  1. Salaried: Rs10,000/- net salary
  2. Self employed: Rs.1,50,000/- net annual income.


  1. Rs. 1 Lacs and in case of repairs, additions, alteration etc. Rs.50,000/-.
  2. Maximum- Rs.70 lacs and in case of repairs, addition, alteration upto Rs.2 lakh in rural and semi urban and upto Rs. 5 lakh in Metro and Urban area.


Upto 20 years including moratorium period


15 % of the loan 40% in case of land finance.


1% of loan amount


Moratorium is at the option of the Borrower to be finally approved by Bank. It will be till Completion of construction or maximum 18 Months from the date of disbursement of first installment of loan whichever is earlier.


  1. Standing instruction / ECS
  2. Deduction at Source from Employer, in case of employer guarantee / undertaking for Repayment is obtained.


  1. Primary:
    1. Equitable or Registered mortgage of property.
    2. Property financed has to be insured for fire and other appropriate hazards during the tenure of the loan to be borne by borrower.
  2. Collateral: Assignment of LIC/NSC, term deposit of Bank in deserving cases.


Personal guarantee of one person of sufficient means acceptable to the bank.



Click here to here the Current Interest Rates on Loan Schemes.

HCBL-Cash aims at meeting the short term and medium term credit needs of salaried persons as well as self employed, businessmen and professionals for the following purposes:

  1. Pleasure trips(India or abroad)
  2. Medical treatment
  3. Wedding/Birthday/any other social/cultural functions.
  4. Retirement of High cost debts.
  5. Credit card payment
  6. Any other unforseen expenditure.


  1. Salaried individual: Confirmed employee in state / central govt. PSU, companies, private establishment / organization, education institution etc.
    1. age in between 21yrs to 60 yrs (inclusive of loan maturity)
    2. minimum net annual income `60,000/- and above.
  2. Self employed /Businessmen / Professional:
    1. Doctor, CA, consultants, engineers, businessmen etc.
    2. Age in between 21 yrs to 65 yrs including maturity of loan.
    3. Should be in business/ profession for last 3 years.
    4. Minimum gross annual income as per ITR 100000/- and above.
  3. Applicant should have SB a/c with bank and maintained at least for three months. (In appropriate case, manager has power to waive it off)
  4. Applicant should give declaration that he/she has not taken personal loan from any other bank/ NBFC/ organization.
  5. In case of salaried employee declaration / undertaking by applicant that in case of default all dues/ charges to be recovered from terminal benefits as ( own contribution to provident fund, gratuity etc)


Minimum : Rs.10,000/- Maximum : Rs.5,00,000/-


  1. Net salary / income from Rs. 5000/- to Rs.10,000/- per month: 5 times of net salary / income (max.Rs.50,000/-)
  2. Net salary / above Rs.10000/- per month: 5 times of net salary / income (max Rs.5 lacs)




5% of loan amount.


Minimum 12 months Maximum 36 months
  1. Through post dated cheques or through standing instructions to debit the account with the EMI amount.
  2. If an applicant is finding it difficult in getting required no. of cheques from one bank then balance left out can be met out by issue of cheque from other bank.


2% of loan outstanding shall be taken as foreclosure.


One guarantor of sufficient means and having net worth of 1.5 times of loan amount ( along with proof of net worth).


HCBL CAR LOAN- FOR PURCHASE OF NEW CAR This circular will be effective from 25-09-2014


  1. Confirmed salaried individual, professional/ businessmen, self employed.
  2. Age in between 21yrs to 65 yrs.
  3. Should be in business/profession for last 2 yrs.

Note:-The word income includes income of spouse, rent income, interest income, other income if any (attach documentary proof)


MARGIN:15% of total cost.

(Note: Total cost of vehicle(ex-show room price) insurance,logistics and registration charges)

REPAYMENT PERIOD:Maximum 84 months

Note - EMI by post dated cheques or standing instruction to debit S/B a/c in case of salary a/c with bank


A. Primary: Hypothecation of vehicle financed with Bank.

B. Other formalities;

1)Comprehensive Insurance of vehicle with Bank Clause

2)Charge noted on RC in favour of bank and hypothecate in RC book)


Categories of customers and benefits:

Particulars A B C
a)Take home Salary/income ## Above Rs.50000/-p.m(Govt & Big corporate with 100 employees) Above Rs.30000/-p.m Rs.25000/-p.m above
****Business & profession Above Rs.75000/-p.m Above Rs.50000/-p.m Rs.25000/- p.m above
b) Rate of Interest 10.40% 10.50% 10.75%
c) Processing Fees % of amount of loan Max.10000(Includes 20 shares of RS.25each and CIBIL) 0.50% 0.75% 1%
d)Family expenses deduction 35% 50% 50%
e)Guarantee Waived off Waived off Waived off

1)Take home salary means net salary after deducting all the loan EMI's and statutory deduction.And in case of business the net income means after deduction of all existing loan EMI's

2) In case of processing fees the branch manager has discretion to reduce the processing fees to 0.50% in case of B & C customers

3) The name of the big corporate to be approved by central credit team.


We provide Education Loan for financing professional courses like- Engineering, Medical, Computers (hardware, software), Agriculture, Veterinary, Craft and designing, Management, Cost Accountant, Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Aeronautics, Marine Engineering etc.


Professional course as engineering, medical, computers (hardware and software) agriculture, veterinary, craft & designing, management, cost accountant, chartered accountant, company secretary, aeronautics, marine engineering etc.
Course offered by national institute/ reputed private institution / university


Applicant enrolled in any of above courses through entrance test or selection process and in age group of 14yrs to 26 yrs.


Six months after completion of course or 2 months after getting job whichever is earlier. Interest has to be paid for moratorium period from date of disbursement.


(supported by bill or receipt)
  1. Fee payable to college/ university/ hostel
  2. Exam fee, library / laboratory fee
  3. Purchase of books, equipment, computers & uniform
  4. Caution deposit / building fund
  5. Boarding & lodging expenses
  6. Any other expense required to complete course as thesis, project work, tour etc
  7. NOTE: Fees, caution money, building fund, computer purchase etc will be paid vide demand draft/ pay order in favor of institute. Miscellaneous expenses as price of books , uniform , tour charge so etc can be paid by deposit to borrower a/ c.



  1. Pre EMI- interest to be paid regularly by parents / guardians.
  2. EMI will start after moratorium period. Maximum Time period of Loan will be 05 years to 07 years depending upon nature of course.


  1. Upto Rs.50,000/- NIL
  2. Above Rs.50,000/- 10 % (depending on the case and is at the sole discretion of the Bank)


  1. 1 % in case of secured advance
  2. 5 % in case of unsecured advance


In case amount of finance is below Rs. 1,00,000/-
  1. Two guarantors of sufficient means and standing with net worth not less than 100 % of the loan amount.
  2. Incase amount required is above Rs.1,00,000/-Apart from above, collateral security in form of title deed, LIC, term deposit, liquid assets, and marketable securities etc. will be taken.


It is in the interest of borrower to take term insurance policy equivalent to amount of loan and course time period to meet any unforeseen event/ casualties.


HCBL-Budget is a unique loan scheme for advance against Fixed/Term Deposit Receipts


Individual, firm, business men, companies, having deposit account under above scheme with the bank.


To meet out personal / business need both in form of term loan or overdraft (as applicable).


90% of the Face value of deposit receipt + Accrued interest.


Pledge of duly discharged FD / RIP / RD receipt.


1 share


36 month or maturity of deposit whichever is earlier.

Advance To A Person Other Than The Depositor (third Party)

The advance in the form of loan can be granted to person other than depositor provided the depositor pledge his deposit receipt to the bank and authorizes the bank in this regard.
  1. Amount of loan 75% of the face value of deposit receipt + Accrued interest
  2. Rate of interest : As per current rate of interest.
  3. Other terms as hereinbefore.

HCBL LAS-Scheme for Loan Against Security of NSC/LIC etc.

HCBL-Loan against Security of NSC/LIC etc aims at providing loan to professional/self employed, businessmen etc. having deposit account with Bank.


Individual, professional / self employed, businessmen having deposit account with bank.


  1. For personal or business needs.
  2. In the form of Term Loan / overdraft.


At the discretion of the bank.


  1. In case NSC is less than 2 years old ............................30% of face value.
  2. In case NSC is more than 2 years old .........................20% of face value.
  3. In case NSC is more than 4 years old ........................10% of face value.
In case of LIC : 25% of surrender value.


Nominal membership


  1. Maximum time period 36 months or maturity of security whichever is earlier.
  2. However, interest may be served at monthly intervals.


As per bank's guideline


Pledge of NSC or assignment of LIC Policy in favour of Bank.


The scheme provides for financing of various consumer durables and utility articles like Two Wheeler, T.V, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, CD/DVD, Mobile Phone, Washing Machine, Personal Computers, Furnitures etc.


In case you have own property and you need money for your personal or business need you can borrow money against your property under this schemes .


  1. Individuals up to age of 60 years at maturity for salaried and age of 65 yrs for businessman.
  2. Professionals / Business Enterprises / Partnership firm etc.


For Personal need / Business.


Eq. Mortgage of property (other than Agricultural Land) with clear title & one guarantor acceptable to the bank. Complete chain of title deeds in original will be required.


4 times net yearly income / Profit as per ITR or 20% of yearly sales turn over or max. 40% of value of land and 60% value of housing property whichever is less (valuation of property will be done by banks approved valuer)


40% the value of property / 60% in case of Land only.


T/L repayable within 84 months maximum (generally 60 months


OD limit on monthly reducing balance with yearly review (Max. 84 months) or cash credit limit for 3 years with annual review


1% of Loan amount (Min. Rs.500/ Max Rs.10,000/-)


The property offered for mortgage will be insured for full value of loan amount with bank's clause.


1% of loan by the borrower and nominal by guarantor.


HCBL Bank's Road Transport Operator loans allows businessmen and entrepreneurs to facilitate easy transportation by means of RTO Loans, wherein borrowers can avail this loan and purchase Commercial Vehicles, School Vans etc.


  1. Persons engaged in transport business or starting transport operators business.
  2. Age in between 21 yrs to 65
  3. Having driving license of TAXI / BUS/ TRUCK/ AUTO RICKSHAW and plying permit from RTO office or having management experience.
  4. To small road & water transport operators owing upto ten vehicles.

Amount of Loan :

Maximum Rs.100.00 lacs

Margin :

25% of total cost of vehicle, total cost of vehicle includes invoice value, tax, insurance charges and body building.


1% of loan amount


Maximum 84 months. EMI by post dated cheques / through standing instructions in case of bank account.


  1. Hypothecation of vehicle financed by the bank and lien noted in RC book
  2. .
  3. Collateral security in form of term deposit LIC/ Fixed Assets (Land and Building) marketable securities acceptable to the bank as per bank's discretion. (On case to case basis considering the profile of the borrower. In case of institutional guarantee it is not mandatory.)
  4. Comprehensive insurance of vehicle with bank clause.


One/two guarantor(s) of sufficient means and standing.


  1. Upto Rs.2 lacs Rs.500/- per case + Service Tax.
  2. Above 2 lacs Rs.1000/- per case + Service Tax.


Accounts can be closed after 12 months of disbursement of loan subject to nominal prepayment charges (to be decided by the bank) which are at present 2% of the outstanding balance.


  1. Loan application form
  2. Membership form ( share member/ nominal member)
  3. Declaration about number of vehicles owned at the time of application
  4. DPN
  5. Letter of waiver
  6. Term loan agreement forms
  7. Letter of lien and set off
  8. Vehicle hypothecation agreement
  9. Blank transfer forms
  10. Registration certificate with bank lien
  11. Insurance policy with bank clause
  12. One set of keys
  13. Letter of guarantee
  14. Mortgage of property / pledge/ assignment of securities (as the case may be) as per bank's discretion.
  15. Route permit certificate
  16. Registration under any other legal authority ( if required)

In case of old vehicle:

Margin Repayment
For vehicles less than 5 years old: Margin 18% to 25% of the value assessed by the valuer 48 months
For vehicles older than 5 years : 25% to 50% of the value assessed by the valuer 36 months.
The secretary can fix the margin on the basis of financial standing of borrower, guarantors, institutional guarantee and collateral security offered.
  1. Collateral security- At the discretion of CEO on the merits of the case.
  2. Valuation charges in case of old vehicle will be paid by the borrower.
  3. Additional documents required-
    1. Valuer report
    2. Registration Certificate
    3. Road permit & fitness by RTO department( these must be in force)
    4. Insurance of vehicle
    5. There should not be any loan on the vehicle.
    6. Vehicle should not be more than 15 years old.
Note-The small road and water transport operators are now covered under small & macro (service) enterprises as per RBI guidelines on priority sector advance. As per definition small & micro (service) enterprise is one whose investment is equipment ( original cost) excluding land/building and furniture fittings etc does not exceed Rs.200 lacs in case of small and Rs.10 lakh in case of micro service enterprise.


The Bank provides easy and hassle free loans against Bills.


Any customer, individual, sole proprietorship, partnership firm and Co. having satisfactory current account for at least 6 months.
(This can be relaxed by bank in deserving cases)
In case of DD purchase, SB a/c holder is also eligible.


  1. Against documentary bills/ supply bills accompanied with TR/RR or receipt challans (by authorized representatives ) of reputed Co's/ corporate .
  2. DD's of scheduled banks.
  3. As cash credit/ TOD/ Bills discounted or purchased.


25 Lacs (Rs. 50 lacs in deserving cases as per the discretion of the bank)


25% to 30% (case to case basis ) or NIL at the discretion of bank.


1% of limit


As applicable on the date of sanction.


  1. In case of bills with receipted challan, a tripartite agreement / registration of power of attorney with the Co. required.
  2. Guarantee from a good net worth guarantor if limit is over Rs. 10 lacs.


*DPN *Letter of waiver *Letter of continuity *Letter of assignment and letter to Deptt./ Co. *Letter of authority/ power of attorney in deserving cases. *Letter of guarantee (wherever applicable) *Agreement regarding bills collection/ disc
*Letter of application *Profit and loss a/c & balance sheet for last 3 years. *IT & Sales Tax Returns. *Details of sundry debtors/ sundry creditors etc. *Others as per requirement
Advances to customers against Supply Bills of Reputed Co.'s
The branch has the opportunity in financing good networth current A/C holders who are doing business with top/ reputed companies/ corporate as suppliers of services or goods.
The Bank shall finance such good clients against supply bills provided these are bona-fide transactions and are authenticated / witnessed through receipted challans from the companies/ authorized representatives.
The process shall involve the following:-
  1. The customer approaching the bank should have maintained their A/C satisfactorily.
  2. The customer A/C holder should be a bonafide supplier of goods/ services for at least one year.
  3. The company (receiving the supply of goods / services - known as company) should certify that the customer is a regular supplier and his credentials are good.
  4. The company should undertake to issue all cheques in favour of the customers being payment of supplies in the name of the Bank A/C customer only. No cheques payable to customers shall be given directly.
  5. The facility to customer shall be available against supply bills of not more than 3 months old.
  6. The bills shall carry a margin of 25% to 30% of the bill amount shall be payable and will account for drawing power for the customer A/C.
  7. It will be the responsibility of the customer to arrange payment from the company within due time limit.
  8. A power of attorney shall be executed by the customer in favour of Bank to take delivery of payment cheques from the company whenever the same are due.
  9. A limit will be set up in favour of the customer on the basis of his total yearly supplies in last two years.
  10. In case the bill is not paid by the company on due time or within 90 days, the customer will make good the amount within reasonable period to be decided by the bank
  11. Individual bills relating to supplies for an amount less than Rs.10,000/- shall not be taken in consideration by the bank for calculating drawing power of the customers.
  12. Documents as per required shall have to be executed after sanction of the limit in favour of the customer.

HCBL-Doctor Mitra

The scheme covers the loaning to the doctors for the purpose of purchasing any equipment, establishing nursing homes, hospitals, purchasing car or any other consumer durable schemes.


Confirm salaried individual or self employed with gross monthly income of Rs.10,000/- per month.
Age in between 21 yrs to 65 yrs.
Should be a qualified doctor


New vehicle - 15 % of total cost.


The maximum amount of loans that can be given is
  1. For consumer durables :upto Rs.1,00,000/-
  2. Equipment finance : upto Rs.10,00,000/-
  3. Car Loan :upto Rs.7,00,000/-
  4. Setting up hospitals or nursing homes: upto 1 crores

    Waived of till loan of Rs.50,000/-


    1 % of loan amount


    Maximum 84 month


    Hypothecation of Equipment, machinery, vehicle financed with Bank lien noted in RC book. Mortgage of property /land. Collateral security in form of term deposit, LIC, securities etc can be taken at the discretion of bank.


    0.5% of the amount of loan or Rs.5000/- whichever is less.


    No foreclosure fees.

HCBL-Saral Loan

The Bank offers Saral business loans for day to day business needs (working capital) or for purchase of furniture or office equipments, tools, accessories and interiors. Also for the purchase/construction/renovation of stores,shops, showrooms or for any other commercial purpose and institutional purpose.


Individuals, Proprietorship and Partnership Managing business in the shape of Retailers, Beauty Parlors, Launderers, Carpenters, Repairing various types of articles, machineries, auto service, refrigerations, restaurant, Canteen service / or tiffin service, grocery shop etc.
Age:- Between 21 yrs to 65 yrs. The borrower must have permanent place for carrying on their business/work.


Term Loan or cash credit.


  1. Minimum- Rs.50,000/-
  2. Maximum- Rs.200000/-
  3. PERIOD :

    3 Years subject to annual review (in case of c/c)


    50 % of loan amount in the shape of Bank's term Deposit and hypothecation of stocks /equipments /etc. FDR should be in the name of Borrower / first party FDR.
    FDR shall be collateral security stock shall be primary security. DP shall be in accordance with stock value but in no case it shall be less than the value of F.D.R. kept with the bank.

    MARGIN :



    1% of loan limit & for Guarantor nominal Membership.


    Of one person of matching means & acceptable to the bank.
    (It may be waived as per discretion on the Head Office)


    For full value of stock/equipments financed by the bank with bank's clause.




    As on the last day of each month will be submitted by the borrower to the bank within 10th of the following months on which drawing power will be calculated for the coming months Stocks should be valued at purchase price. Drawing Power will be calculated on the basis of100% value of stock to the maximum of loan limit & minimum of face value of FDR.


    1. Inspection will be conducted by Bank's officials once in a month.
    2. Rs.50/- per month will be charged on account of inspection charges.

HCBL-Traders Loan

HCBL Traders Loan offers loan to meet working capital requirements or purchase of Furniture/Fixtures/Equipments for shop or for renovation of shop or store. Also for the purchase/construction/renovation of stores, shops, showrooms or for any other commercial purpose and institutional purpose.


Individuals and firms buying & selling goods & commodities on retail and / or wholesale basis.


21 to 65 yrs. The proponent should preferably be engaged the line of business for atleast one year.


In shape of term loan / cash credit.


  1. Minimum Limit : Rs.50,000/-
  2. Maximum Limit Rs.50 Lacs out of which term loan should not be more than 40% of the total limit.
  3. (Limit / loan upto Rs.20 Lacs is classified under priority sector)
  4. Limit will be assessed as maximum 20% of projected sales turnover as accepted by the Bank)
  5. In case of Term Loan repayment capacity to repay will be assessed on the annual Income /Net Profit as per ITR.


  1. Term Loan :- upto 5yrs (can be extended upto 84 months as per bank's discretion)
  2. Cash Credit :- 3 years subject to annual review on the basis of financial Results and conduct of account. All the sales should be routed through the account.


Primary :- Hypothecation of stock in trade in case of working capital Hypothecation of equipments financed (In case of Term Loan) Collateral
  1. Equitable mortgage of the property or any liquid security in the shape of NSC, Banks FDR or assignment of life policy.
  2. Personal guarantee of one person of matching means and standing.
  3. MARGIN :

    25% to 30 % at the discretion of H.O.


    1% on Loan Amount from Borrower and nominal membership fee from guarantor.


    Comprehensive Insurance of stocks for full value and / or fixed assets financed by Bank.


    0.5% of the loan amount upto Max. of Rs.10,000 and Minimum Rs. 500/-


    Stock statement as on the last day of the month will be submitted to the Bank within 10th of the following month on the basis of which Drawing power will be calculated.


    Stocks will be cheked / verified by Bank official on monthly basis and Inspection charges as per Bank's norms will be debited to the account.


    2% of loan outstanding.

HCBL-Laghu Udhyami Loan

Loan facility for financing to enterprises engaged in the manufacture/production, processing or preservation of goods (manufacturing) and enterprises engaged in providing/rendering of services including professionals and self employed persons (service sector). Also for the purchase/construction/renovation of stores, shops, showrooms or for any other commercial purpose and institutional purpose.


Loan to Individuals firms & companies, Age limit for individuals 21 yrs to 65 yr. Should be in the line of business minimum for two years.
Type of Facility :- Term loan and / or cash credit (for working capital)


  1. Minimum - Rs.50,000/-
  2. (Fixation of limit) Maximum -Rs.100,00,000/- (one crore)
For Manufacturing Units :- As per Nayak committee recommendations i.e. 20% of Projected annual sale (as accepted by the bank)
Professionals :- 80% of the Gross Income as per ITR
Self Employed :- 20% of the Annual Receipt as shown in trading & P& L A/c or Income &Expenditure A/c (whichever & higher)


  1. Maximum 7 years In case of term loan (loan amount will be based on repayment capacity as per ITR
  2. In case of cash credit / overdraft Maximum 3 years subject to annual review on the basis of credit turnover in operative account and other financial parameters.


  1. Equitable Mortgage of office premises / shop (if owned) or other house property or liquid security in the nature of NSC / FDR / life policy.
  2. Hypothecation of stock, Machinery, Office equipments and other current & fixed Assets.
  3. One guarantor of sufficient financial means acceptable to the bank.


  1. Insurance of stocks of full value for all risks (fire, theft, SRCC risk) as also fixed asset finance by bank with Bank clause incorporated in the policy Bond.


25% to 40% (depending on the nature of stocks)


1% of the loan amount upto max. of Rs.5000/-.


  1. Only in case of take over :- 2% of outstanding
  2. In case of prepayment through own funds 1% of outstanding amount should be charged.


1% of loan amount for borrower and nominal fee for guarantor.

HCBL-Sahej Vyapar Loan

The Scheme is designed specially for those traders, entrepreneurs who are running their business or establishment at least for last 3 years and want bank support to increase their working capital and/ or purchase new equipments for smooth running of business and they have no collateral security to offer except stocks and / or equipments hypothecation. Three years return filed by the borrower must be submitted to the Bank.


20 % of sales turnover as per Quarterly Sales Tax Return filed by the applicant.

25% of Bank Account Credit Turnover which ever is lower.


Small Retailers, Manufacturers, Showroom Preservation and Processing Units, Repairing work like Auto workshop for 2 wheelers, electrical appliances and are engaged in their activity for at least last 3 years and maintaining proper business accounts(financial accounts) only Individuals/ proprietorship/partnership firm.


Minimum 21 years & maximum 65 years (at the loan maturity date)


Working Capital or equipments finance in shape of Cash Credit for 3 years subject to annual review or Term loan ranging from 3 to 5 years repayable through EMI.


Minimum of Rs.25,000/- and Maximum of Rs.2,00,000/-. In case of Cash Credit Drawing power will be arrived at on the value of stocks Less margin.


Minimum 25%


The firm should be registered with U.P. Shops & Establishment Act, VAT Registration, Registration with Mandi Samiti with district Industries Center, License from Nagarpalika, Health Department etc as the case may be. The above are illustrative only and not exhaustive.


Hypothecation of stock in trade,(finished goods/ semi finished goods/raw material)


Of Two Person of sound financial standing acceptable to the bank.


Not necessary


1% of loan amount for borrower and nominal membership fee for guarantor.


0.50% of loan amount with a minimum of Rs.500/-


He should submit Quarterly stock statement which should be valued at purchase price or market price (whichever is lower)and stock should be checked by Bank Officials on Quarterly basis.


Insurance of stocks and/or equipments will be got done on full value for all risks like fire & Earthquake as also Housebreaking and burglary preferably through Bharti Axa Company. Complete addresses of shop and Go-down should be mentioned on the policy.


Rs.150/- per quarter.

HCBL-Mini Micro Loan

To provide easy finance to persons below poverty line- Rickshawpullers, small businessmen, small shopkeepers, Thelawala's, hawker's etc. who are establishing their business at initial stages and at micro level and will also be serving the bank's aim of financial inclusion.


Individuals,proprietorship,partnership firms managing business in the shape of retailers,tradings,services or manufacturing at very small level & have permanent place for carrying on their business. Those who are running their shop in residential colonies,local markets may also be considered on priority.


From 21 years to 60 years.


Term Loan


Maximum of Rs.20,000/- (Twenty Thousand Only)


Maximum of 36 months in EMI through SI/ECS/PDC's/Cash.


15% to 25%


  1. Hypothecation of goods/equipment financed by the bank for full value.
  2. Collateral Security is not necessary.


Personal guarantee of 2 reputed persons acceptable to the bank.


Rs.100/- + S.Tax per file.


1% of the loan amount.


Branch Manger or his representative will have right to visit & inspect the unit for verification of books and stocks etc. at any time on monthly intervals.


150 % Insurance of Stock/Assets hypothecated. Will be done with Bank's Clause wherever considered necessary.


Rs.50/- per quarter.


The borrower may again avail this facility after satisfactory track record and timely repayment.


Loan to salaried persons having salary account with the Bank.


  1. Salaried person in permanent job of reputed P.S.U., public limited companies,reputed institutions etc. acceptable to the bank age between 21 to 60 years or date of retirement which ever occurs earlier of age and their Salary account is with us for the last One Year with satisfactory track -record.
  2. Minimum Net Salary: Rs.10,000/-pm.
  3. In case of our existing housing loan borrowers whose Housing Loan account are running regular & satisfactory can also avail this facility even if their salary accounts are maintained in other banks / institutions, subject to fulfillment of other terms conditions of the scheme. This facility is available only to "SALARIED" persons. In such cases , a caution must be marked in the system so that OD is Liquidated before Liquidation of existing Housing Loan.
  4. Total deductions should not exceed 50% of Gross Salary.


Maximum 50 % Net Monthly Salary.
(*Net Salary means the amount being balance in account after deduction of all liabilities in statement*)


O.D. in Salary Account payable on demand. The O.D. must be nullified or be turned into credit balance once a month specially on the day when salary is credited to the account.


Total deductions should not exceed 50% of the Gross Salary.


  1. It is against salary & Borrowers salary must be credited to the account with us.
  2. An undertaking from the borrower will be obtained that in case of any default due to any reason whatsoever, the bank shall have authority to recover its dues from terminal benefits receivable by the borrower from the employer. Salary Slip must be cross verified through Employer's & Bank statement.


The account will be reviewed yearly at sole desecration of the bank.


  1. An application from the account holder applicant
  2. Latest Salary slip
  3. Undertaking by borrower.
  4. D.P. Note + MCR+Letter of waivement.
  5. Departmental Recommendations


5% of the limit sanctioned or 5 Shares which ever is higher.


Rs.100/- + S.Tax per file.
Note: Overdraft against salary can be granted in salary accounts only.

HCBL-Gold Loan

Loans for personal and business needs offered against security of gold at attractive rate of interest.


To meet working capital requirements and /or purchase of equipments for development of shop and / or meet personal /consumption expenditures (like marriage /medical/ educational needs etc.) . No advance shall be granted (i) for speculative purpose and investment in capital market instruments and (ii) to persons engaged in gold / jewel manufacturing / trading.


Individuals, Joint Borrowers with KYC compliance. He/she/they should have one SB/CD A/c with the bank. The applicant shall be properly introduced by the existing customer (more than six months)or applicant is known and acceptable to the bank before the loan is granted to him.The respectability & identity of the applicant will have to verified at the branch level before sanction.Persons engaged professionally in gold trading and jewel manufacturing are excluded from such financing.


Min. Rs 5,000/- & Max. Rs 1,00,000/- in case of overdraft and Rs.2,00,000/- in case of term loan.


30% on valuation of gold content both hall-marked and non hall marked. The branch manager has to maintain and ensure the loan to value ratio of 70% on an ongoing basis. Such percentage margin should be maintained after considering the outstanding amount, gold loan rates and interest amount failing which loan will be treated as Non performing Asset (NPA).


13% p. a at monthly rests. In case such loan is for the purpose of priority sector viz. agriculture, home loan or education then such loan 12% p.a


  1. Overdraft upto Rs.2 lakhs for maximum period of 12 months with bullet repayment facility
  2. Term loan upto Rs.2 lakhs for maximum period of 12 months


  1. For overdraft Loan should be repaid and closed within 12 months from the date of disbursement .If the account is running satisfactorily it may be renewed for further period of 12 months but maximum for 24 months. Interest in this case should be paid on date of maturity.
  2. In case of term loan it will be repaid in suitable installments fixed by the bank


Primary-Pledge of gold ornaments.

Processing Fee

1% of the loan amount. Minimum amount of processing fees of Rs.2000/-.Service Charges extra.

Share Money

Upto Rs.50000/-: 1 share and above Rs.50000/- :5 Shares

(One share Rs.,25 each refundable after five years)

Review Charges

Rs. 250/- p.a. .Maximum two reviews can be allowed if account running regular


  1. The purity of gold will be assessed by the valuer after all deductions of jewels etc. and net weight should be assessed. The certificate of the valuer should be obtained stating the net content of gold and the value so assessed by the valuer.
  2. Valuation of Gold: The valuation of the gold contents will be done as prescribed by Reserve Bank of India which states that the gold jewelery accepted as collateral security will have to be valued at the average of the closing price of 22 carat gold for the preceding 30 days as quoted by the India Bullion and Jewellers Association Ltd.(formerly known as Bombay Bullion Association (BBA). If the gold is of purity less than 22 carats the bank should translate the collateral into 22 carats and value the exact grams of the collateral. Thus the jewellery of lower purity of gold shall be valued proportionately.The gold loan rates shall be calculated by the branch managers on their own and get the calculation verified from the central credit department before final disbursement of loan.

    However, if the valuation of gold as per the valuer is less or marginally below than the valuation obtained under the Bullion rate method stated above, then the case should be referred to the Credit Team at Head Office for assessing the value of Gold.

  3. The gold loan to be reviewed every year.
  4. The review fees to be charged and the differential amount due to fluctuation in of gold rates (if any)should be reduced at the time of renewal.
  5. The gold will be kept in the big locker of the bank in respective pack sealed in presence of gold loan in-charge,branch manager,valuer and customer and signed by them on the sticker. The custodians will be branch manager and the gold loan incharge.
  6. The customer will be given the receiving of the ornaments in the format attached to form and when it is returned back to him will be in the format as prescribed in the booklet.
  7. The processing fees include the valuation charges share money extra.
  8. 1% of Original OD limit with minimum of rent of smallest locker will be recovered yearly from the borrower's account after expiry of scheduled period of repayment for preventing the customer from mis-utilizing the facility for keeping their ornament safely without having a locker.
  9. If the account becomes irregular on account of non- payment or otherwise,the Bank has right to initiate necessary steps for realization of its dues through auction,after serving 2 notices to the borrower(s) & guarantor (if any) within a period of 3 months from the date of 1st notice. All charges related to the "auction"/"sale" will also be recovered from the sale/auction proceeds of the ornaments.
  10. Repayment capacity should be assessed in case the loan applied for is more than Rs.1,00,000/- Documents required is one year ITR alongwith computation and balance sheet or latest salary slip. In case the same is not available then a self declaration of monthly income on Rs.10/- stamp paper and in case of agriculture loan the khatuni must be obtained additionally to confirm the possession of the land
  11. The part delivery of ornaments can be allowed against part payment upto such extent so that the value of remaining ornaments is sufficient enough to cover total outstanding with prescribed margin. Drawing power will be fixed accordingly.
  12. The sanctioning power of this loan is given solely to the Branch Manager.
  13. The gold ornaments can't be re pledged.
  14. The Branch Manager has to maintain and ensure that the loan to value ratio of 70% on an ongoing basis is maintained. Thus the margin should be maintained considering the outstanding amount of gold, loan rates and interest amount failing which loan will be treated as NPA. This needs to be monitored both for term loan as well as overdraft.
  15. The declaration in regards to the custody of gold jewelery on full repayment of loan to be handed over to his successor /legal heir mentioning the details of the person so authorised in case of his death must be obtained.
  16. Documentation formalities in case of this agreement

    *Application Form *Loan Agreement & Pledge agreement *Rs.100/- stamp paper.

HCBL-Nirdhan Uthhan Yogna

Loan scheme to provide means for starting daily earnings to the persons living below poverty line and down trodents with a view to support them to uplift their level under bank's exclusive policy of financial inclusion.


All Individuals,daily earners under BPL category having no permanent source of income and struggling for their livelihood. Financially weakers, physically handicapped and beggars are also eligible under the scheme.


Minimum Rs. 1000/- & Maximum Rs.10000/-.Depending on nature of activity and Assessment of Branch Manager.




as per by laws i.e. 1 % of the loan amount.


On daily basis/can be linked with daily deposit scheme also.


Maximum 3 years.


  1. For Rs 1000/- as under
  2. Repayment on daily EMI of Rs. 3.0 per day with collected Rs. 89 per month for one year.
  3. Repayment on daily EMI of Rs. 2.0 per day with collected Rs.47 per month for two years.
  4. Repayment on daily EMI of Rs. 1.0 per day with collected Rs. 33 per month for three years.


Primary- Hypothecation of Stock,Tools and Machinery/ Equipments or item financed.




No Guarantor,But one witness acceptable to the bank is required.



HCBL-Builder & Real EstateFinance

Credit is allowed for following productive construction activities:

  1. Construction of building projects like markets, shopping centers and cinema houses, which do not form part of housing projects.
  2. Construction of hostels and commercial offices.
  3. Construction of warehouses including those to be constructed for Food Corporation of India and godowns. Proposals for financing construction of godowns/open plinths as per Food Corporation of India (FCI)/ Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC)
  4. Industries manufacturing building materials for construction.
  5. Group Housing flats for residential purpose under builder loan.


Companies, individuals and other bodies of repute engaged in construction or development of real estate projects having sufficient experience and sound financial standing.


The quantum of loan should be need based but within the internal ceiling linked with credit risk rating prescribed for individual/group borrowers.


Minimum margin shall be 25%. However, the sanctioning authority may prescribe higher margin on case to case basis.


  1. Mortgage/charge over the assets created by bank finance, value of which should not be less than the loan amount.

    Mortgage of any other immoveable property valued at 100% of the loan amount or at the discretion of the management.
  2. Personal guarantee of promoters/Directors, wherever feasible.


Period not to extend beyond 5 years. However, in deserving cases, it may be relaxed upto 7 years by HO. Period is inclusive of moratorium period not exceeding 18 months.


1% of loan by the borrower and nominal by guarantor.


  1. The borrower shall submit ITR every year. And any other documents / information required by the bank.
  2. Loan should be within exposure limit as per RBI guidelines.
  3. Some essential conditions for this kind of borrower
  1. Following are required to be complied with as per High court Verdict:
    1. The builder shall disclose in the pamphlets/brouchers etc the name of the Bank to which the property is mortgaged.
    2. The builder / developer would append the information relating to mortgage while advertising for a particular scheme in newspaper/magazines etc.
    3. The builder developer would indicate in the pamphlets / brouchers that they would provide No Objection Certificate (NOC) / permission of the mortgagee bank for sale of flats/property.
  2. Loan shall not be given for acquisition of land
  3. Multifinancing / over borrowing be avoided
  4. Tripartite agreement between--------
    1. Builder
    2. Bank
    3. Purchaser of the flats
    (depending upon case to case)
  5. Legal clearance from bank's lawyer.
  6. All statutory approvals from competent authority.
  7. Valuation by bank's approved valuer.
  8. ESCROW A/c May be opened if needed.